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As an aggressive and experienced criminal defense and family law attorney, Jennifer Granger has a long history of attaining justice for her clients. Below are some of the results Jennifer achieved for clients charged with crimes, both misdemeanor and felony:


Client arrested, charged with two counts of Driving Under the Influence. Jury verdict not guilty on count one, hung jury on count two. District Attorney did not re-file charges.


Client arrested, charged with transportation and possession of sales of cannabis. Client didn’t possess cannabis recommendation. Case reduced to misdemeanor charge of possession, informal court probation.

Another client arrested with 85 mature cannabis plants, $8,000.00 in cash. Client had one cannabis recommendation. Case reduced to misdemeanor possession, informal court probation, no jail time.

Another client arrested with 68 mature cannabis plants, hash, and dried Nevada County cannabis bud. Client charged with manufacturing concentrated cannabis and possession and sales of cannabis. Case dismissed based on cannabis defense after preliminary hearing, and filing of motion to dismiss.


Client arrested, charged with possession of heroin, and possession for sales. Judge ruled law enforcement exceeded scope of search warrant. Argued 1538.5 motion to suppress evidence. Case dismissed.

Another client on parole, arrested at home for manufacturing methamphetamine. Attorney Jennifer Granger argued illegal search. Judge granted motion to suppress evidence based on 1538.5 motion to suppress evidence. District Attorney dismissed the case for lack of evidence.


Client arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter. Three day trial with not guilty verdict.

domestic violence

Client arrested, charged with felony spousal battery, causing great bodily injury. Jury found not guilty.
Another client arrested, charged with spousal battery. Case dismissed.


Client arrested, charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Case dismissed.