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Criminal Law

The Law Office of Jennifer Granger represents clients throughout Northern California and handles every type of criminal case from misdemeanors to felonies.

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Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

As an experienced defense attorney, Jennifer Granger has successfully represented clients in Nevada County, Yuba County, Sutter County, Butte County, and Placer County for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). In order to minimize the impact when accused of driving under the influence, you need a highly qualified attorney to speak on your behalf.

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Cannabis Cases

Laws for cultivation and distribution of cannabis are confusing. With new state and local regulations pending for recreational use of cannabis, it’s important to be advised by an experienced lawyer when creating your business, or when facing related criminal charges.

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Family Law

Jennifer Granger is aware of the everlasting impact both family and criminal law cases have on her clients’ lives and is committed to helping her clients by pursuing the best course of action to protect their rights. Below is a brief description of each family law practice area that she handles.

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Domestic Violence

California treats domestic violence crime very seriously. Domestic violence includes emotional and physical abuses inflicted upon a spouse, an intimate partner, a former intimate partner, a child or any other family member.

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Drug Charges

Drug Possession, Drug Transport, Drug Sales

Punishments for drug possession in California depends on these factors: type of drug, amount of drug, intention to sell the drug, your criminal record, and details of your case. All play roles in how you will be charged.

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Firearms & Gun Offenses

California has many laws concerning firearms and regulates who can own and operate one legally. Among these: automatic weapons are illegal for all private citizens to own, and convicted felons or mental patients are prohibited from owning a legal firearm.

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Juvenile Crimes

A minor in California is a person under the age of 17. Juvenile courts work with children between 10 and 17 years of age. Juvenile courts are dedicated to rehabilitating juvenile offenders, sending them to boot camps, ranches or treatment programs. But, punishment for a crime depends on past offenses and seriousness of the crime.

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Immigration Law & Crimes

If you are charged with a crime and are a legal, or illegal immigrant, the consequences under California law are severe. Even if you have a green card and are a permanent resident of California you may be deported from the United States. Many crimes lead to deportation.

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White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include crimes that can be described as nonviolent, deceptive acts perpetrated by a business person or a public official. Some common examples of white collar crimes are blackmail, larceny, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, racketeering and identity theft.

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Governor’s Pardons

The California Constitution empowers the Governor to grant executive clemency, including pardons, at his discretion and on conditions he deems proper. Pardons forgive a crime but do not erase a conviction.

The procedure by which California residents may apply for a pardon is set forth in the California Penal Code.

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Probation Violations

When a defendant violates their terms of probation, consequences will result. Probation usually lasts three years, requiring a defendant to meet conditions of the court. Often, a person on probation is required to perform hours of community service, attend rehabilitation or therapy programs, meet regularly with a probation officer, undergo drug testing, and give restitution to the victim.

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