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Nevada City Immigration Attorney

If you are charged with a crime and are a legal, or illegal immigrant, the consequences under California law are severe. Even if you have a green card and are a permanent resident of California you may be deported from the United States. Many crimes lead to deportation. The most common are: drug use, domestic violence, sexual abuse of a minor, and trafficking, theft, robbery, bank fraud, credit card fraud, welfare fraud, and gang-related crimes.

If you are accused of a crime leading to deportation you will be placed in “immigration hold” and you can not be bailed out of jail. This happens to illegal aliens, but permanent residents can be subject to immigration hold. It is very important to hire a criminal defense attorney familiar with immigration consequences of pleading guilty to charges. Very few criminal defense attorneys and fewer public defenders are familiar with immigration law in Nevada, California.

Jennifer Granger, with the support of an immigration law specialist, will give you the best possible representation and advice, should you be charged for a crime complicated by immigration laws. Ms. Granger is ready to help you seek justice and give you a superior defense.

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