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Facing charges of driving under the influence can be extremely upsetting. The fear of expensive fines, being arrested, and a permanent mark on your criminal record can be enough to send anyone into a state of panic. Fortunately, being accused of this crime does not automatically mean you are guilty. If this has happened to you, connect with a Nevada City DUI lawyer as soon as possible to begin the process of defending your rights.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Jennifer Granger has successfully represented clients in Nevada County, Yuba County, Sutter County, Butte County, and Placer County for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). In order to minimize the impact when accused of driving under the influence, you need a highly qualified criminal defense attorney to speak on your behalf.

What Defense Strategies Exist for DUI Cases?

To determine which defense strategy could be the most helpful for your case, a criminal defense attorney can spend time evaluating every detail available to make a determination. Some of the most commonly employed strategies that may work for your own case include:

Challenging the Accuracy of a BAC Test

One of the most critical pieces of evidence a prosecutor has in a DUI case is the result of a BAC test. Any evidence to prove that the results of this test are inaccurate could drop the charges entirely. While these are generally reliable tests, there have been instances when the device was not calibrated or administered properly. This could disrupt the integrity of the test and lead to an unlawful conviction if it went undiscovered.

Challenging the Legality of a Traffic Stop

It is against the law for a police officer to pull someone over without having a valid reason to suspect they are violating a law. If there is any evidence to show that you were randomly pulled over without cause, it could deem all evidence collected during the pull-over inadmissible. This would include the results of a BAC test, which is likely what the entire case hinges on.

Challenging the Chain of Custody

Law enforcement officers must obey strict chain of custody rules to prevent any instances of foul play. If there are any suspicions about how police officers handled evidence, this could be brought up in court to raise doubts about the officer’s integrity. For example, if a blood sample was accidentally left in an unsealed container, there is the possibility that someone could have tampered with the evidence.

The Defendant Was Not Driving

Sometimes, an officer approaches a vehicle out of concern for the driver’s health rather than suspicion of a DUI. However, if they smell alcohol on an individual in the vehicle, they may issue a DUI on the spot. In these cases, a defendant could take the position that they were not actually driving the vehicle before the interaction with law enforcement.

One piece of evidence that could help make this case is the police’s body camera footage. If the video shows the defendant in the back of the car or the passenger seat, it could support the notion that they were never driving the car under the influence.

These are some of the most commonly used defense positions in Nevada City to protect clients against DUI allegations. If none of these seem applicable to your own case, there are plenty of other options available that can be discussed during an initial consultation with your prospective attorney.

What Are the Potential Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Nevada City?

The repercussions for driving under the influence in Nevada City can be severe. They range from fines and a license suspension to a mandatory prison sentence for more severe incidents. DUI convictions are also permanent marks on an individual’s criminal record. This is why it’s necessary to secure a knowledgeable Nevada City DUI Lawyer or criminal defense attorney to help fight the charge.

The reason why these consequences are so wide-ranging is due to the various factors that can influence the severity of punishment. The most critical factors that influence penalties are the driver’s BAC level, whether there is a history of DUIs, and whether the incident harmed any other individuals at the scene. In the most extreme examples, a DUI charge could also be coupled with involuntary manslaughter if someone else in the accident passed away.

In addition to legal troubles, DUI convictions can also lead to increased insurance rates, difficulties securing certain types of jobs, or even restrictions on travel. The sheer multitude of implications these convictions can have on an individual’s life is why it’s critical to take them seriously and secure legal representation to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer for a First-Time DUI Offense?

Hiring an attorney for a first-time DUI offense is not only advised but often crucial to properly navigate the legal complexities of the system and avoid unnecessary consequences. While it’s true that first-time offenders have a higher chance of facing lighter repercussions, this is not a guarantee. An attorney can also work to lessen the severity of common first-time repercussions, like reducing the number of hours of community service required.

To achieve this, a DUI attorney or criminal defense lawyer may scrutinize every piece of evidence available to negotiate with the prosecution. At the same time, they can analyze every move throughout the process to ensure no one violates your rights. If there is evidence to suggest they were violated, it could help to dismiss your charges entirely. A lawyer can keep you informed throughout this entire process to ensure that you are always aware of your rights and options.

Are DUI Defense Attorneys Expensive?

There is no universal price that can help you predict how much your defense services may cost. Factors such as the complexity of the case and how much experience your attorney has can all play a role in how much you pay in the end.

For example, simpler cases for first-time offenders in which no one was injured may conclude quickly and cost less compared to more complicated cases in which a defendant has a prior history of DUI convictions.

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