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Nevada City Cannabis Lawyer

Nevada City Cannabis Attorney

Jennifer Granger, an experienced criminal defense lawyer has handled all aspects of cannabis defense, including defense to charges of alleged illegal cultivation, illegal transportation, possession for sales, and illegal manufacturing. She has successfully defended clients throughout Northern California in Superior Courts, and gained the respect of prosecutors and judges in doing so.

Whether you are charged with violating a local county land use ordinance, or violating the Health and Safety Code, Jennifer Granger will present your best defense and work to get the charges dismissed.

Compliance and licensing: Jennifer Granger can also help to grow your business and help you to obtain a cannabis license, and to navigate the complicated regulations required to maintain compliance with California’s cannabis regulations.

Jennifer has extensive experience handling cannabis cases in Nevada County, Yuba County, Placer County, Sutter County, and Butte County and her expertise is very valuable to anyone facing this type of charge.

Call today (530) 470-0328 if you have questions and concerns or for a free case evaluation.