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Nevada City Drug Crime Lawyer

Nevada City Drug Crime Attorney

Punishments for drug possession in California depends on these factors: type of drug, amount of drug, intention to sell the drug, your criminal record, and details of your case. All play roles in how you will be charged.

Misdemeanor charges include possession of small amounts of marijuana, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and possession of drug related paraphernalia.

Felony charges may result from possessing a controlled substance, even for personal use. Often, prosecutors try to prove the defendant intended to sell or distribute the controlled substance even though there is no direct evidence of a sale. The prosecution just has to prove there was intent to sell. This charge is a felony offense and can lead to incarceration.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Jennifer Granger has successfully represented clients in Nevada, CA for Drug Crimes. Possible outcomes to a drug offense proceeding are time served in a county jail or state prison, forfeiture of property involved in the crime, payment of fines, and loss of a license.

Drug Transport

California defines transportation of narcotics as the unlawful transference of a controlled substance from one place to another by any means. How severe the penalty is, is contingent upon the circumstances of the case. But, the courts are not lenient on anyone convicted of drug transportation, because of other dangerous criminal activities often involved with it.

The drug type and amount transported, the location, and whether you are a repeat offender are important factors in your case.

Drug Sales

The sale of drugs in Nevada, CA is a serious offense; one that can lead to a felony charge on your criminal record. Drug Sales includes transporting, importing, and sale or distribution of controlled substances.

Because of the detrimental effects that illegal drugs have on society, California courts are dedicated to punishing individuals charged with drug crimes.

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