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While getting a divorce is not uncommon, it is always incredibly difficult. There is nothing more important than the future of your family. You deserve a Nevada City divorce lawyer who will not only fight for your interests, but will do so in a caring and sympathetic way.

Whether you are only in the beginning stages of divorce or have already been served with papers, The Law Office of Jennifer Granger is ready to guide you through all of the legal complexities with a steady and compassionate hand. If you think your family could benefit from legal assistance, reach out to get a free consultation.

The Divorce Process

Nevada is known for having lighter divorce laws than most other states. However, there are still certain guidelines that must be followed. In order to file for divorce, one of three requirements must be met:

  1. You and your spouse are no longer compatible or able to get along.
  2. You and your spouse have lived separately for more than one year.
  3. Your spouse has been clinically insane for two years prior to filing for divorce.

You also must prove in some way that you or your spouse has been a resident of Nevada for at least six weeks. If so, there is no required waiting period for divorce after filing in Nevada. This means that as long as you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce, it can be granted by a judge right away.

Grounds for Divorce

Nevada is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that you and your spouse can still get a divorce even if neither of you have technically done anything wrong. There is no option for fault-based divorce in Nevada, meaning that it’s considered a “true” no-fault divorce state. While all states allow no-fault divorce, many still have the option for fault-based divorces.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorce cases are cases in which spouses cannot come to an agreement on one or more of the divorce terms, such as how to divide property and assets, how to share debts in the future, alimony, and even child custody. It is in these cases, which are common, that having an experienced attorney is especially useful. In some cases, if a decision absolutely cannot be reached by the two parties, a judge may need to decide for them.

Making decisions in the midst of a contested divorce can be difficult, especially without the support you likely once had from your spouse. Make sure to have strong legal counsel by your side to represent and defend you and your rights.

Child Custody

The most dreaded part of any divorce case involving children is often the topic of child custody. In Nevada, there are two sides of child custody: physical custody and legal custody.

Physical custody refers to the physical environment where the child will live – with which parent and for how long. Courts in Nevada typically opt for joint physical custody, meaning that children will spend roughly an equal amount of time with each parent.

Legal custody refers to which parent will make decisions for their child. These types of decisions can include where they will go to school, any medical decisions that need to be made, if and where the child will attend religious services, and more. As with physical custody, the court will choose to grant equal legal custody to both parents in many cases as long as there is no good reason that one parent should not have such custody.

Areas of Assistance

There are many things to consider and take care of in the divorce process. Elements of domestic violence, child support, alimony, post-nuptial agreements, debts, and others can be difficult to navigate. The Law Office of Jennifer Granger can be of help in all of these areas and more. For more than twenty years, Jennifer Granger has devoted herself to helping others with her legal knowledge and experience.


Q: How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce in Nevada?

A: There are many details that factor into the total cost of a divorce. The typical fee for simply filing for divorce will be much less than the cost of a lawyer. Lawyers may range in price significantly, as more experienced attorneys often charge more. In addition, other factors may play a role in the overall cost, such as child support, alimony, and more. Each couple’s case is different and will, therefore, result in varying ranges of expense.

Q: What Is a Contested Divorce in Nevada?

A: A contested divorce refers to a situation where spouses are unable to come to an agreement concerning one or more issues. The result of such a circumstance would be for both spouses to negotiate or appear in court and ask a judge to make the decisions for them. If a couple disagrees on even one issue, their divorce is considered to be contested in Nevada City, CA.

Q: What Is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Nevada?

A: Nevada is considered a community property state, which means that a couple’s community property will be divided equally in a divorce. All property and income that is earned during the time of a marriage will be split equally. The wife, in particular, is allowed to change her name back to her former name or her maiden name.

Q: Does Nevada Require Separation Prior to Divorce?

A: The state of Nevada does not require physical separation prior to filing for divorce. The main requirement that must be met in order to get a divorce is that one spouse must have lived in Nevada for at least six weeks. Nevada is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that simply claiming incompatibility is enough to dissolve a marriage.

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